The Arizona Laboratory for Emerging Contaminants is located at the University of Arizona to assist faculty, student and staff researchers working in the field of water sustainability to detect, quantify and speciate organic and inorganic micro-pollutants – including dissolved and nano-particulate components - in complex environmental matrices.

We utilize state-of-the-art mass spectrometry and associated analytical techniques to study a variety of samples.


The laboratory facility is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art analyses of organic and inorganic micro-pollutants to faculty, staff and students engaged in water sustainability research. Our intent is to develop novel analytical and bioanalytical (e.g. in vitro) methods for effective detection, quantification, and measurement of biological effects of trace contaminants in real-world matrices, and to apply these methods to the diversity of sample types being investigated by researchers at Arizona's three state universities.

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2022 - COVID-19 UPDATE

Arizona Laboratory for Emerging Contaminants (ALEC) is currently operating under guidance from UA Office for Research, Innovation & Impact

If you need to coordinate your work (e.g. samples analyses) in ALEC, please describe your needs in a short, detailed email (see CONTACT link). Be as quantitative as possible with respect to hours and samples, etc. In the subject of your email to us please write: “YOUR NAME - USE of ALEC REQUEST". All users entering the laboratory are required to wear a mask; and please get vaccinated.